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Dubai student enrolments could reach 245,000 by 2025

Dubai student enrolments could reach 245,000 by 2025

GSA suggests the emirate will need to double its capacity to meet demand

Dubai is expected to enrol between 146,000 and 245,000 students by 2025, according to a new survey.

Research from Global Student Accommodation Group with ‘over 2,000 stakeholders’ identified Dubai as an emerging educational destination due to drivers including cultural diversity, affordability of tuition and its centralised location for travel and tourism.

“These statistics are underpinned by the unprecedented change we are currently witnessing in the global higher education sector which presents considerable growth opportunities for Dubai and the UAE,” said GSA in-house high education expert Bobbi Hartshorne.

She said Dubai would need to at least double its university capacity to meet demand by expanding existing institutions and attracting new market entrants.

GSA opened its first off-campus dedicated student accommodation in Dubai this month in Dubailand.



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