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Dubai most searched-for destination by US jobseekers

Dubai most searched-for destination by US jobseekers

The UAE city beat London and Singapore, finds new report by Aetna

Dubai has emerged as the most searched-for city by American residents looking for jobs abroad, a new study has found.

Research by health benefits provider Aetna International stated that since January 2013, Dubai has been the most sought-after location among US citizens searching specifically for ‘jobs in (city)’.

The emirate managed to push down London, which was on top of the list since 2006, to second place. Paris emerged third on the list, followed by Singapore and Rome.

The remainder of the top 10 most searched-for cities since January 2013 include Geneva, Cape Town in South Africa, Ottawa in Canada, Warsaw and Amsterdam.

In terms of the most sought-after countries, India topped the list, followed by Canada, Mexico, Australia and China.

Germany, Japan, Italy, France and South Africa made up the top 10, Aetna found.

Aetna analysed Google Trends data for the world’s 40 largest countries and their capitals to come up with the lists.

“It’s clear that some Americans know precisely which city in the world they want to work in, while others are looking for particular countries,” the report stated.

“For example, our research suggests that Americans are far more likely to search for ‘jobs in London’ than the broader query ‘jobs in England’ or ‘jobs in the UK’.”

Aetna International marketing director Caroline Pain added: “Compared with 2006, US citizens appear to be considering a far broader range of countries than ever before when it comes to working abroad.

“Like everyone else around the world, it would appear US residents think about job prospects along with their New Year’s resolutions.

“Our research analysis discovered two noticeable trends year-over-year – a peak in January, and in the middle of the year, with searches trailing off toward the end of the year.”

Dubai, with a population of over 2.3 million, has seen an influx of expatriate workers as the city gears up to host Expo 2020.

A report by Oxford Economics in late 2013 predicted that the expo in Dubai will support over 277,000 jobs.

Over 90 per cent of the projected employment opportunities will occur from 2018 to 2021, it stated.

Meanwhile 77,149 jobs will be created between 2013-2021, 40 per cent of which will be within the travel and tourism sector, it added.


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