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Dubai school rankings revealed, 45 now rated ‘outstanding’ or ‘very good’

Dubai school rankings revealed, 45 now rated ‘outstanding’ or ‘very good’

Most of the schools will be eligible to hike their fees this year

The latest inspection of schools in Dubai by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) found that 18 of the 176 private schools inspected improved their rating this year.

While four schools moved from ‘very good’ to ‘outstanding’, five schools went from ‘good’ to ‘very good’, six jumped up from ‘acceptable’ to ‘good’ and three from ‘weak’ to ‘acceptable’.

Overall, 17 schools now fall under the ‘outstanding’ category, 28 under ‘very good’, 74 under ‘good’, 52 under ‘acceptable’ and five under the ‘weak’ category.

Abdulla Al Karam, chairman and director general of KHDA said: “Our schools have consistently improved year-on-year and this is good news for parents because they now have a wider selection of better quality schools in Dubai.

“Ten years back, only 30 per cent of students received ‘good’ or better quality education and today this number has more than doubled to 70 per cent.”

In line with KHDA’s new fee framework announced last month, schools improving in the ratings will be eligible for fee increases above the set Education Cost Index (ECI) – which has been set at 2.07 per cent this year.

Those moving from ‘weak’ or ‘acceptable’ can increase their fees by 4.14 per cent this year (double the ECI), schools moving ‘very good’ to ‘outstanding’ can hike fees by 3.105 per cent (1.5 times the ECI) and those moving from ‘good’ to ‘very good’ has raise their fees by 3.62 per cent (1.75 times the ECI).

Private schools that have maintained the same school inspection ratings can only increase their fees by 2.07 per cent, while schools that have dropped in the annual ratings will no longer be allowed to increase fees.

Dubai had frozen school fees for the 2018-2019 school year.

“Choosing a good school that fits the needs of a child is a big responsibility for parents and we want to make it easier,” said Al Karam.

“We want parents to realise the important role they play when it comes to selecting schools offering good education.”

According to Fatma Belrehif, chief of the Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) schools offering ‘good’ or better quality education has increased from 38 schools in 2008 to 119 schools in the current academic year.

School inspections were introduced in Dubai in 2008.

Over the last seven years, 76 new schools have opened in Dubai and more than 80,000 new students have enrolled, marking a 40 per cent increase in the number of students attending private schools.

A total of 278,794 students are enrolled in the 176 schools inspected this year.

Key figures:

• 209 private schools in Dubai
• 176 schools inspected in 2018-2019
• 17 different curricula
• Over 90% of Dubai students study in private schools

Outstanding schools

Kings School Dubai

GEMS Wellington International School

Jumeirah College

Jumeirah English Speaking School

Dubai College

GEMS Jumeirah Primary School

GEMS Dubai American Academy

GEMS Modern Academy

Dubai English Speaking College

Repton School

Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou Primary Oud Metha

GEMS Royal Dubai School

Dubai British School

Jumeirah English Speaking School (Secondary)

Horizon English School

Dubai English Speaking School

Kings School Al Barsha


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