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Dubai reveals ‘reopening’ plan post Ramadan for malls, offices

Dubai reveals ‘reopening’ plan post Ramadan for malls, offices

Malls will be allowed to stay open longer but restrictions on children, elderly to continue

Dubai has issued a new list of guidelines for malls and offices to have in place after the holy month of Ramadan has ended.

In a circular, Dubai Economy said that all the previously announced protocols that were announced as part of the stage 1 economic activities will be maintained.

However, malls will be allowed to stay open longer and retailers will be allowed to hold sales and promotions.

In offices, timings will return to normal – up from six hours per day during Ramadan, and pantries will also be allowed to stay open. However, the use of water dispensing machines will not be permitted.

Read: Revealed: Dubai issues list of guidelines for reopening malls, offices

Ramadan is expected to end on Saturday, May 23 in the UAE, although the confirmed date will be announced by the moon-sighting committee.

Full list of guidelines

Wholesale and retail trade

• Operating hours: During Ramadan timings for malls are set at 10 hours daily, starting 12pm and ending at 10 pm. Post Ramadan, malls can stay open for normal operating hours. Recommended: Weekdays from 10am to 10pm and weekends from 10am to 12pm

• Malls will have to adhere to curfew timings announced by the federal government

• Maintain occupancy ceiling to 30 per cent of common areas and gross leasable areas with staffing also capped at 30 per cent

• 75 per cent of the mall parking to be closed

• F&B outlets and food courts to maintain 30 per cent capacity, and ensure social distancing rules implemented for seating arrangements. Tables also have to be placed two metres apart for all customers or screens/separators need to be placed between tables. Take-away encouraged

• Elevators to only be used by persons with special needs (including those with disabilities, baby stroller etc) with 30 per cent capacity maintained

• Categories not permitted to enter the mall include: All children under 12 years and those with medical conditions; elderly above 60 years old; high-risk individuals with medical conditions

• No refund/return policy restriction to be removed, on the condition that items are sanitised and set aside for 24 hours before being sent or used by another customer [effective starting Tuesday, May 12]

• Restrictions on sales and promotions lifted

• All changing and fitting rooms can open under the following restrictions [effective starting Tuesday, May 12]:
– Customers must wear masks all the time
– Each customer can try up to five items only in the store
– Customers can spend a maximum of 10 minutes in the fitting room
– Returned items not to be put back on the shelves or used by other customers, they must be put aside by the retailer for 24 hours
– Continuous sterilisation of the fitting rooms to be performed


• Operating hours: During Ramadan timings are capped at six hours and post Ramadan, normal operating hours will resume, while adhering to curfew timings

• Maintain occupancy ceiling to 30 per cent in common areas and within office premises

• Maintain capacity level of staffing to 30 per cent

• Elevators to be filled only up to 30 per cent capacity

• Pantries can be opened for usage by individuals for consuming food and drinks while maintaining 2m social distancing. Only disposable utensils can be used. The total number of employees allowed at one time inside the pantry must be clearly posted at the entrance

• All coffee stations should follow 2m social distancing guidelines and ensure queuing is avoided. No water dispensing machines are allowed and the stations should be sanitised after every use or once every hour at minimum

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