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Dubai restaurant La Serre to expand to Riyadh, New York and London

Dubai restaurant La Serre to expand to Riyadh, New York and London

It will open its first interantional outpost in Riyadh in Q1 2021

La Serre Boulangerie Dubai

Lincoln Hospitality Inc. has announced that it will expand Dubai’s homegrown La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie to London, New York and Riyadh.

La Serre Riyadh, expected to open in Q1 2021, will be its first international destination and will be located in the city’s King Abdullah Financial District.

It will be followed by a La Serre venue in London’s Knightsbridge, followed by New York – though it hasn’t confirmed the specific location within the American city.

“We are extremely excited to export the La Serre brand internationally. After years of success here in Dubai, this is the next natural step for us. There’s no denying that the pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works, but as a company we are pushing forward with persistence and resistance to break into new and exciting markets,” said Ralph Homer, CEO and co-founder of Lincoln Hospitality Inc.

La Serre, which also houses a rotating art collection, opened its doors in Dubai in 2013.

The French bistro, boulangerie and high-end dining restaurant, including a private dining room, is spread across two levels and located on Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard in downtown Dubai.

“We have to be adaptable in business, and I truly believe in pushing higher during difficult times to achieve success. We have an array of plans in the pipeline, so it’s an inspiring time of growth for our company.”

Some of its most decadent creations, served as part of its Champagne breakfast, include scrambled eggs with black truffle and fired eggs with foie gras.

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