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Dubai Ranks Most Expensive On UK List Of Value For Money Holiday Destinations

Dubai Ranks Most Expensive On UK List Of Value For Money Holiday Destinations

Jumeirah in the emirate came bottom on a list ranked by the cost of a basket of travel essentials.

Dubai has ranked bottom on a list of 18 destinations in terms of value for money, compiled by the UK’s Post Office.

Jumeirah in the emirate was ranked the most expensive place to travel at £159.34 for a basket of eight items, a rise of eight per cent over 2013 prices.

Post Office Travel Money ranked destinations based on the price of items including a cup of filter coffee, bottle of beer, can of Coca Cola and a glass of wine at a café/bar, 1.5L bottle of mineral water, suncream and insect repellent from a supermarket and a three course evening meal for two including a bottle of wine.

Costa Del Sol in Spain was ranked the cheapest destination on the list with a total basket cost of £44.03, dropping seven per cent from 2013, closely followed by Bali in Indonesia, where a basket cost £47.21, down 12 per cent from 2013.

“The two most popular Middle East sunspots look decidedly pricey. For example, the Post Office basket of goods in the most expensive destination, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai (£159), costs almost three times as much as in Tenerife. The barometer basket in Sharm-el-Sheikh was also expensive at almost £115. Compared with five years ago, costs have mushroomed by two-thirds in the Egyptian resort and are 56 per cent higher in Dubai,” the report said.

On the list of most expensive destinations Jumeirah, Dubai was joined by Penang Malysia, where a total basket cost £124, up 55 per cent from 2013, and Sharm, Egypt where a basket cost £114.80.



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