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Dubai ranked best destination for global business expansion

Dubai ranked best destination for global business expansion

City beats Singapore and Hong Kong to the top spot.

Dubai is the top destination for business expansion in the world, according to a new survey.

Alliance Business Centres Network found that 21 per cent of the 300 companies it surveyed from Asia, Europe and North America selected the emirate as the best position for expansion globally.

This compares to 19 per cent for Singapore, 18 per cent for Hong Kong, 13 per cent for New York and 10 per cent for London. The remaining 19 per cent was distributed among other cities across the world

Participating companies ranked African countries as their top markets for expansion (43 per cent), followed by Asia (37 per cent), North America (10 per cent), Europe (6 per cent) and South America (4 per cent).

ABCN Middle East and Africa president Sherif Kamel said factors including ease of doing business and establishing companies were some of the key attractions for businesses looking to expand.


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