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Dubai Police roll out smart radars to catch motorists using mobile phones

Dubai Police roll out smart radars to catch motorists using mobile phones

The radars will also catch motorists for violations such as failure to abide by lane discipline and sudden deviation

Dubai Police have installed smart radars across the city to detect motorists who use mobile phones while driving and commit other traffic violations.

The new radars can identify violations including the use of handheld mobile phones by motorists, failure to abide by lane discipline, not fastening the seat belt, sudden deviation, and other traffic violations that pose danger to road users, confirmed Brigadier Saif Muheir Al Mazrouei, director of the General Traffic Department at Dubai Police.

The new radar, featuring AI technology, has been developed by Dubai Police in collaboration with a tech company and has undergone several tests to ensure it can monitor motorists, he said.

It is also connected through a 4G-enabled network to the force’s violations processing platform and radar management system (RMS).

Al Mazrouei said the radars would help ensure road security and curb all kinds of violations by motorists.

“Many road users can be victims for other drivers mistakes. Some drivers don’t understand the danger of some offences thinking its minor offences. Such offences can result tragic accidents for innocent people,” he said.

Under the UAE federal traffic law, motorists handling a mobile phone while driving will face a Dhs800 fine and four black points.

Meanwhile those charged with reckless driving will incur a fine of Dhs2,000, along with 23 black points and impounding of the vehicle for 60 days. The same punishment and fine will apply to drivers who endanger the lives of others.


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