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Dubai police records 147 traffic accidents in four hours due to rain

Dubai police records 147 traffic accidents in four hours due to rain

The emirate witnessed heavy rains with reduced visibility on Monday morning

Rainfall expected in parts of UAE, temperatures to stay low

Dubai Police recorded 147 traffic accidents in the emirate between 6am and 10am on Monday due to rain and poor weather conditions.

The department of Command and Control also received 2566 phone calls during those four hours, police stated.

Heavy rain on Sunday night – which continued into Monday morning, led to reduced visibility and also caused flooding in certain parts of the emirate.

Flights were disrupted and some schools also sent children back home.

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Colonel Mohammed Al Muhairi, acting director of the Command and Control Centre, warned that “traffic accidents occurring during heavy weather are dangerous”.

He called on all motorists to exercise caution when driving, check the signal, leave sufficient distance between vehicles, reduce the speed and avoid changing lanes except when necessary.

Muhairi also stressed the importance of using fog lights in the early hours of the morning and urged residents to leave early to reach their workplace on time.

Dubai Police has raised the level of readiness to deal with any incidents in the mountainous areas, in flooded regions, especially Hatta and adjacent areas, as well in desert areas if the public request for assistance.

The number of patrols in mountainous areas has been increased to be ready to deal with emergencies 24 hours a day.

Police has also made provisions to have 4×4 bikes, rubber boats and water bicycles in mountainous and flooded areas to deal with any emergencies, the statement added.


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