Dubai Police arrests Italian drug lords wanted by Interpol
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Dubai Police arrests Italian drug lords wanted by Interpol

Dubai Police arrests Italian drug lords wanted by Interpol

Raffaele Imperiale is the alleged kingpin of organised crime syndicate Camorra

The Dubai Police have arrested one of Italy’s most wanted criminals, Raffaele Imperiale, the alleged kingpin of organised crime syndicate Camorra, which is involved in drug and weapons trafficking crimes worldwide.

Officials also arrested his associate Raffaele Mauriello, who is allegedly involved in plotting and executing murders and assassinations using unlicenced firearms.

Both Imperiale and Mauriello are wanted by Italian authorities and Interpol, who have issued red notices against them.

Dubai Police apprehended Imperiale, who was using a fake identity under the name of Antonio Rocco, following a thorough investigation, a statement said.

Officials said the two men had been placed under close surveillance by a team of elite investigators from the General Department of Criminal Investigation.

They used artificial intelligence technologies available at the Dubai Police Criminal Data Analysis Centre and the ‘Oyoon’ surveillance programme.

Brigadier Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the Dubai Police said they placed Imperiale under surveillance round the clock for a whole week.

Imperiale used different cars to hide his daily movements and lived in an ‘isolated home with an overlooking spot’ to monitor those who approach him. He had also avoided registering a precise address.

“Backed with the latest AI technologies, our officers kept track of Imperiale’s movements and revealed his deceptive methods in evading detection,” Al Jallaf said.

“At the zero hour, a specified task team raided the house and arrested Imperiale with high professionalism. The team also seized large sums of cash, luxury watches and some valuable possessions including paintings,” he added.

Dubai Police has transferred Imperiale and Mauriello to the Public Prosecution who would determine the mechanism for their extradition as per existing international agreements.

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