Dubai could be one of three initial markets for hyperloop travel

Hyperloop involves the use of pressurised tubes to transport people at speeds of up to 1,100kmh

Dubai could be one of the first markets to build a transport network for ultra-fast travel technology hyperloop.

Speaking on stage at the Middle East Rail Conference in the emirate today, the chief executive of Hyperloop Technologies Inc, a start-up hoping to be the first to make the technology a reality, drew comparisons with the Dubai Metro in a presentation that included concept shots of a hyperloop network in the emirate.

“We truely hope so, and we would expect the history of innovation in this region could make Dubai and the UAE one of the first places hyperloop comes into production,” Rob Lloyd said, when asked if he had held any discussions in the country.

Hyperloop, a conceptual high speed transportation system originally put forward by entrepreneur Elon Musk, involves the use of pressurised tubes to transport human and freight cargo at speeds of up to 1,100kmh.

Hyperloop Technologies is one of a number of companies hoping to test a successful prototype of the system and has acquired 50 acres of land in North Las Vegas to build a test track.

Lloyd said the technology could cost as much as 62 per cent less than high speed rail transport systems and would require less acquisition of land to build.

“It would be more equivalent to the metro we see in Dubai that traditional high speed rail construction,” he said.

The company hopes to select three markets to make the technology happen over the next few years.

“Our dream would be it happens here and we’re going to see if we can make that dream come true,” he said.