Dubai Met Office Denies ‘Cyclone’ But Warns Of Unstable Weather
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Dubai Met Office Denies ‘Cyclone’ But Warns Of Unstable Weather

Dubai Met Office Denies ‘Cyclone’ But Warns Of Unstable Weather

Officials say intense weather will return to the UAE on Thursday, but refutes rumour of ‘worst Gulf storm in 30 years’.


The National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has denied the internet-circulated rumour, attributed to the US Navy, which said the Gulf would see its ‘worst storm in 30 years’ this week.

Sufiana Sarrah, meteorology specialist at NCMS, told Gulf Business: “The UAE will experience heavy rain. But there will be no flooding, cyclones or hurricanes across the Arabian Gulf.

“We emphasise that the country is currently under the influence of unstable weather conditions leading to a different intensity of rain over scattered parts of the country at varied intervals,” he said.

NCMS warned Gulf residents against ‘clubbing’ in Omani waters or the Arabian Gulf seas.

The organisation also advised residents to stay away from the ‘running valleys’ and said precautions must be taken in case of rain on high roads.

The wet weather conditions are expected to continue as thundery rainy clouds move slowly from the west towards east centered over the islands and the Western coast.

The highest accumulated rain recorded today was 26.6 mm at Abu Al Bukhoosh, accompanied with strong wind exceeding 60 km/hr, which caused rough sea with wave height reaching seven foot offshore over Arabian Gulf.

Coming hours

Thundery clouds are moving towards the Northern and Eastern regions, associated with different intensities of rain in running valleys, accompanied with strong winds at times.

The next few days

The turbulent weather conditions are expected to weaken relatively on Monday and Tuesday this week.

However, the unstable weather is expected to return to the UAE on Wednesday evening November 20, when the cloud volume will increase over the Western and North-eastern regions specifically, causing heavy and moderate rain.

“The instability will return on Wednesday and be even more intense for a period of three days,” Sarrah warned.


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