Dubai Media City To Monitor Visitors On New Year’s Eve
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Dubai Media City To Monitor Visitors On New Year’s Eve

Dubai Media City To Monitor Visitors On New Year’s Eve

Visitors will be asked to present valid ID proof when entering the freezone.


Dubai Media City has announced that visitors entering the freezone after 6.00pm on December 31, 2013 will be requested to present valid ID proof.

A statement sent to all the employees within the premises read: “To ensure the New Year celebration is a happy and safe one, we at Dubai Media City (DMC) will monitor the incoming traffic / visitors just as a precaution and safeguard our premises from 6:00pm on December 31 2013 to 6:00 am on January 1, 2014.”

Visitors may be required to submit ID proof to security personnel at the main entrance of Media City, while entering the parking lots near the buildings and while entering the buildings, the statement said.

“Please note that only the main door will be accessible,” it added.

Up to 50,000 spectators are expected to gather at the adjacent Palm Jumeirah, where Dubai will be attempting to break a record for the world’s biggest fireworks display.

The six-minute display will cover about 100 kilometres of seafront and will feature over 400,000 fireworks. The spectacular show will be visible from several vantage points, both inside and outside the Palm.

Several arrangements have been made for the mega show, with police creating numerous safety zones during the event.

Authorities have also issued directions on accessing the Palm on New Year’s Eve and have restricted visitors to those with event passes.

For more details on the event, read: Dubai Fireworks Record: All You Need To Know


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