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Dubai Mall briefly plunges into darkness after power outage

Dubai Mall briefly plunges into darkness after power outage

Power was restored nearly two hours later

The Dubai Mall was plunged into darkness on Monday for two hours after a power outage.

The outage reportedly began at around 7.15pm and videos and images on social media showed shoppers using mobile phones to move around.

Several senior officials were onsite to address the issue.

In a brief statement, the Dubai Water and Electricity Authority (DEWA) later confirmed that the outage was caused due to “the transfer of high-voltage cables from Dubai Mall substation”.

“DEWA and Emaar [which owns and operates Dubai Mall] had previously agreed to transfer the cables. During the transfer, the outage occurred, because one line went out of service.

“DEWA’s technicians have fully restored the power to normal service. The supply of electricity and water to the rest of the area was not affected,” it added.

Dubai Mall, located near Burj Khalifa, is one of the most visited shopping destinations in the region, welcoming approximately 80 million visitors on an annual basis.


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