Dubai to launch 1,000 data gathering projects
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Dubai to launch 1,000 data gathering projects

Dubai to launch 1,000 data gathering projects

Emirate plans to use data to develop and manage public services


Dubai will launch 1,000 new digital data gathering projects over the next three years to develop and improve infrastructure as part of its smart city plans.

Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du) chairman Ahmad bin Byatt said today that the projects would be launched as part of the emirate’s strategy to embrace the Internet of Things.

The data will be used to design, plan, implement and manage the delivery of services to the public.

“If we are able to make better decisions, we will be able to improve the efficiency of the city and if we can do that the productivity of the people will increase. And, if that happens our competitiveness rises. The end result will be more engaged and happy people,” he said.

Bin Byatt assured that the the data gathered would be protected and said the IoT would provide an outlet for the UAE’s young people to be creative.



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