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Dubai Hospitals To Offer Android Tablets To Patients

Dubai Hospitals To Offer Android Tablets To Patients

Deployment of android tablets will help in building smart hospitals in Dubai, said a top DHA official.


Around 3,000 android tablets will be added to hospital beds and waiting areas across Dubai Health Authority’s (DHA) hospitals and primary and specialty health centres as a part of the Dubai smart government initiative, a top DHA official has revealed.

“The deployment of android tablets across DHA healthcare entities is the first step in our plan to build ‘smart hospitals’ that will be integrated with the latest IT technology to enhance customer experience,” said Engineer Essa Al Maidoor, director-general of the DHA.

The tablets will allow patients to look up all the services offered by the DHA along with pharmacy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, he said.

DHA plans to add more tablets in the latter stages of the project. The first stage of the initiative will take about a month to complete.

Al Maidoor said that the IT roadmap also includes an electronic medical records system and health information system and will take around two to three years to be completely implemented.

DHA has been working on improving its digital presence, and in the last quarter of 2011, the authority developed several smartphone applications for customer use.

The apps, compatible with all major platforms, allow patients to view appointment details, check medical test results and health card details. Users can also look up a facility, check their body mass index and view news and events.

DHA has also announced plans to introduce more features in its existing apps that would enable the patients to get prescription alerts. The new features also include details about healthcare packages available for the public including women’s health, smoking and diabetes packages.


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