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Dubai Issues New Law On Lost/Abandoned Property In Emirate

Dubai Issues New Law On Lost/Abandoned Property In Emirate

Those finding abandoned plots of land in Dubai are required to report the property to the police within 48 hours.

Dubai’s Ruler and UAE VP and PM Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has issued a new law (Law No. (5) of 2015 ) governing lost and abandoned property in the emirate, official news agency WAM reported.

Article 2 of the law defines a lost property as that which was “acquired by law, has a value, was lost by its lawful owner without deliberate intention and found within the emirate of Dubai.”

Abandoned properties include those acquired by law but deliberately deserted by their owners.

Under the law, any person who finds a lost or abandoned property in Dubai is required to report it to the police within 48 hours and cannot claim ownership on it.

Violation of the act is subject to criminal liability, and the Dubai Police will implement and activate all the rules and regulations attached to the law, the report said. The punishment was not specified.

Once submitted to the police, they will then issue a report including a detailed description of the property and any other relevant information.

The law also stipulates that the finder of any lost or abandoned property is entitled to receive a 10 per cent reward from the total value of the property, limited to Dhs50,000.

The reward is payable whether the original owner reclaims the property or not.

The finder may also claim the entire property if it is not reclaimed by the original owner within one year from the date of receiving it by the police.

The law, to be published in the official gazette, will be considered active from the date of issuance, said WAM.


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