Dubai Government To Hike Staff Pay By Up To 100%
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Dubai Government To Hike Staff Pay By Up To 100%

Dubai Government To Hike Staff Pay By Up To 100%

Selected employees will receive salary hikes of between 30 to 100 per cent, the government has said.


The Dubai government has increased the basic salaries of certain public sector employees by up to 100 per cent, according to a Dubai Government Human Resources Department statement issued on Tuesday.

The ‘nature of work allowance’ will be granted to 32 government entities, with employees receiving wage hikes of between 30 and 100 per cent.

The increment will be paid retroactively as of June 2013 and will be adjusted in the December 2013 salary, the statement added.

In total, 32 per cent of government staff will benefit from the new move.

Practising doctors, financial controllers and auditors in financial control department will be eligible for a maximum allowance of 100 per cent of their basic salary, provided it does not exceed Dhs25,000 per month.

Engineers, legal officials, financial planners, investment managers, dispute settlement staff in the Dubai Ruler’s Court, internal auditors at government departments, university teachers and specialised staff in HR and IT are entitled to a 50 per cent increase fixed at a maximum of Dhs10,000 per month.

Accountants, paramedics, nursing pharmacists, emergency medicine technicians, inspectors related to health, environment, public safety and customs inspection, and specialised media personnel will get a 30 per cent hike of the basic monthly salary, set at a maximum of Dhs6,000 per month.

Employees on regular night shift jobs will also be eligible for a 25 per cent allowance in their basic monthly wage.

“The allowance aims at empowering government departments to boost their capability to attract specialised and outstanding human resources, and retain them,” an earlier statement said.


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