Dubai Customs' Logistics City Center clears Dhs1.6b of goods in Q1 2022
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Dubai Custom’s Logistics City Center clears Dhs1.6bn of goods in Q1 2022

Dubai Custom’s Logistics City Center clears Dhs1.6bn of goods in Q1 2022

The Dubai Logistics City Customs Center reported that it completed 48,000 transactions in the first quarter of this year

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The Dubai Customs’ Logistics City Center has reported that it cleared Dhs1.6bn of goods in the first quarter of the year, as it continues to facilitate processes and operations of companies and traders.

The centre’s efforts have facilitated the timely arrival of humanitarian aid and supplies to affected countries due to global crises, in addition to supporting the completion of procedures for e-commerce companies, which have witnessed a significant increase in demand during the past years.

Sami Eisa, senior manager of Dubai Logistics City Customs Center, said:  “Dubai Logistics City Customs Center completed 48,000 transactions and cleared goods with value of Dhs1.6bn in the first quarter this year.”

He added: “The center supports international companies, including humanitarian missions, by accelerating procedures, and providing all necessary support, especially the shipments of the International Humanitarian City, which is the largest humanitarian logistics center in the world.

Eisa said: “We support the mission of Dubai Logistics City in attracting international firms and investments by introducing smart customs inspection services. This reflects the emirate’s competency and efficiency in providing the best logistics and customs services.

“Our Center’s initiatives target the wellness and happiness of our employees to help develop their performance. The electronic lead procedure is an example of this, which helped with a faster clearance of shipments. At the same time, Dubai Customs engages clients in different initiatives organised by the Center to know their needs and serve them better.”

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