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Dubai Customs furnished 452,000 insurance refund requests in H1 2020

Dubai Customs furnished 452,000 insurance refund requests in H1 2020

The insurance refund requests were valued at Dhs3.2bn

Dubai Customs had furnished 452,300 insurance refund requests valued at Dhs3.2bn in the first half of 2020, according to statistics from its Refund and Maqasa department.

The smart Insurance Refund Portal helps customers submit their claims 24/7, which is cost-efficient and helps save time, Dubai Media Office reported.

Dubai Customs has introduced several innovative systems and portals, enabling clients to complete their transactions online without the need to be physically present.

“Despite the impact of Covid-19, the Refund and Maqasa Department has seen coherent and strong performance in H1 2020, which is down to a very advanced technological infrastructure, automated procedures, and AI technologies,” said Mohammed Al Hashmi, director of Refund and Maqasa Department.

The smart refund system can accommodate two million requests a year, which translates into over 5,000 applications a day, he added.

“Closing insurance refund claims, which takes two working days to complete, contribute in more liquidity to companies and attracting more foreign investments in the country. The system has seen a number of improvements which made it faster, more efficient and transparent. This enables 24/7 submission of refund applications through a central data processing unit, and clients can track the status of their claims from their mobile phones.”

With the adoption of this smart system, clearing of non-hazardous shipments increased 98 per cent compared to local goods, he added.

Earlier this year, Dubai Customs introduced a new cross border, blockchain-based platform, aimed to encourage e-commerce companies to set up shop in Dubai.

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