Dubai to build new cancer research centre by 2020
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Dubai to build new cancer research centre by 2020

Dubai to build new cancer research centre by 2020

In the first phase, the centre will cater to 700 patients

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The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has announced plans to open a new oncology unit and research centre in the emirate by 2020.

The centre aims to provide oncological services for all types of cancer and across all age groups under one roof and reduce reliance on international centres, DHA director-general Humaid Al Qutami said. It will also cater to medical tourists seeking treatment in Dubai.

In the first phase, the centre will cater to 700 patients, accounting for 35 per cent of the total number of diagnosed cancer patients in Dubai.

He added that the percentage will increase by 4 per cent every year until it reaches 4,000 patients by 2027.

The centre will focus on four types of cancer in the first phase including breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer and prostate cancer.

It will begin providing its services in 2020 in cooperation with international bodies that are specialised in the field of cancer treatment and diagnosis.

The centre will be equipped with the latest technologies and specialised medical cadres, Al Qutami said.

The official made the announcement during his visit to Dubai Hospital to inspect the centre’s progress.

Along with offering treatment, the centre will focus on providing specialised cancer research, creating a cancer patient database, promoting local and international collaborations in the field, and launching cancer training programmes, a statement said.

Cancer is the third most common cause of death in the UAE.

The DHA will also be putting in place strategic plans to decrease the prevalence of cancer, ensure early detection, provide quality diagnostic and treatment services, and raise awareness about the disease, the statement added.

Al Qutami said that the DHA is continuing its strategy to create a “first-class health model that will effectively contribute to the health of UAE nationals, residents and visitors by focusing on care and treatment and prevention of all diseases, including cancer”.


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