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Dubai authority closes 40 private parking lots

Dubai authority closes 40 private parking lots

The affected facilities failed to meet new parking requirements

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has closed 40 private parking lots following inspections.

The authority said the closures followed the introduction of new requirements for private parking spaces.

Operators of the parking facilities were warned of the changes and given time to make amendments.

Dubai Police is working with the RTA to oversee the removal of vehicles from the affected lots.

The new requirements include that parking facilities have electronic billboards at their entrances showing the number of filled and vacant spaces, prices and contact numbers.

Lots must be well-lit and meet design standards in terms of their overall layout and the position of entrances and exits.

In addition, security cameras must be in place and operators have to provide the RTA with usage statistics.

Official guidelines can be found on the authority’s website.

A total of 165 violations were reported during the inspection campaign.

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