Drone owners in Qatar warned over illegal use

Civil Aviation Authority says unmanned drones could pose threats to state security

Drone owners in Qatar have been warned that they must have government permission before flying the vehicles in the country’s airspace.

The country’s Civil Aviation Authority made the public announcement about the unmanned, remote-controlled aircraft, stating that the “unmanned air systems are prohibited to operate in the territorial airspace of the State of Qatar without a prior authorisation issued by the Civil Aviation Authority”.

The CVA added that unauthorised use “poses serious threats and hazards to the state air safety and air navigation” and that it “hereby warns Remotely Piloted Air Systems operators against the operation of RPAS systems without a prior authorisation,” or else face legal action.

Drones have grown in popularity around the world, with many featuring cameras which can take aerial photographs – a particular cause of concern for many authorities in relation to privacy laws.

Another key element to drone legislation is the potential for the vehicles to collide or interfere with commercial aircraft.

The United Arab Emirates passed a law in 2015 banning the use of unmanned aerial vehicles with cameras as well as requiring all drones to be registered after a number of drones were said to have strayed into flight paths at Dubai’s airports.