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Domestic workers above 60 can continue working in the UAE

Domestic workers above 60 can continue working in the UAE

The ministry has permitted renewal of employment contracts subject to specific approvals.

Domestic workers over 60 years of age can continue working in the UAE, the ministry of human resources and emiratisation has announced, official news agency WAM reported.

Domestic workers across the country can renew their employment contracts, as long as they are medically fit, have medical coverage from their employer, and get consent from the government, a statement said.

“This step stems from the ministry’s keenness to meet the needs of the employers and households wishing to keep their domestic helpers for longer periods and who are certain their performance is not affected by age,” said Khalil Khouri, the ministry’s under-secretary for domestic workers’ affairs.

The auxiliary worker must obtain a medical certificate from relevant government authorities proving his/her physical fitness.

The ministry has introduced Tadbeer service centres for managing household and domestic workers across the UAE.


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