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Dear Dawn… Week 6 – Bewildered

Dear Dawn… Week 6 – Bewildered

The Gulf Business agony aunt is back to answer the sixth professional query in the series.

A 10-point guide to check if you are ready for a change of employer was the bedrock of Dawn’s answer last week, incorporating questions to ask yourself, such as: is your work affecting your health? Are you miserable? Are you marginalised?

Dawn is back once more to answer your work-related problems, and this week the question is:

Dear Dawn,

My boss has told me that I need to be a “trusted advisor” but isn’t very clear on how to become trusted. Help?!



What is your opinion on the subject? How can ‘Bewildered’ become trusted in the eyes of their boss?

We await your feedback and hope to initiate a debate with you.

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Send your questions for Dawn anonymously to [email protected] and see them answered here next time.

Dawn Metcalfe is the managing director of Performance Development Services (PDS). Find out more at


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