Dear Dawn... Week 3 - Meetings Adverse
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Dear Dawn… Week 3 – Meetings Adverse

Dear Dawn… Week 3 – Meetings Adverse

The Gulf Business agony aunt is back to answer another professional query from one of our readers.

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Having a real “mission” will help a new company create a solid structure and develop a successful growth path, Gulf Business agony aunt Dawn advised ‘Worried Employee’ who asked the second question last week. Dear Dawn is now back to answer the third query.

The question is:

Dear Dawn,

Despite my best efforts I recently fell asleep in a meeting with my team! I have to spend all my time in meetings when I could be getting things done instead. How can I get my boss to understand that I have better things to do with my time?


Meetings Adverse

What is your opinion on the subject? Is ‘Meetings Adverse’ justified in wanting to avoid meetings? Are company meetings useful or a waste of time? We await your feedback and hope to initiate a debate with you.

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Dawn Metcalfe is the managing director of Performance Development Services (PDS). Find out more at


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