Dear Dawn... Week 2 - Worried Employee
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Dear Dawn… Week 2 – Worried Employee

Dear Dawn… Week 2 – Worried Employee

The Gulf Business agony aunt is back to answer another professional query from one of our readers.

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After the emphatic debate and comments offered in the first week of Dear Dawn, and Dawn’s professional opinion of the situation, the Gulf Business agony aunt is back to answer a second query.

The question is:

Dear Dawn,

My boss is an entrepreneur through and through, which has been wonderful for the seed and growth of the business, but as we grow, we’re lacking structure.

We’re still performing strongly, but as teams are added to and we add resources to deal with the extra work, some things are falling through the cracks and we’re missing opportunities.

It very much feels like a house of cards at the moment – How do we prevent ourselves from being victims of our own success?


Worried employee

What is your opinion on the subject? Should ‘Worried employee’ be worrying about the missed opportunities or focussing on the successes of the business? How does the company prevent itself from becoming a victim of its own success? We await your feedback and hope to initiate a debate with you.

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Dawn Metcalfe is the managing director of Performance Development Services (PDS). Find out more at


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