Dear Dawn... Introducing The Gulf Business Agony Aunt
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Dear Dawn… Introducing The Gulf Business Agony Aunt

Dear Dawn… Introducing The Gulf Business Agony Aunt

Gulf Business’ leadership expert, Dawn Metcalfe, will answer all your professional queries.


Gulf Business is pleased to introduce our Dubai-based agony aunt, Dawn Metcalfe, who will anonymously answer all your professional queries through our newly-introduced section: Dear Dawn.

In line with the venerated Dear Lucy column in The Financial Times, the question posed to Dawn will initially be posted on our website and on our social networking platforms, where we will look forward to receiving your inputs and suggestions.

At the end of the week, Dawn will present her expert opinion on the topic.

We begin the session with the following query:

Do I have to attend this team building event?

Dear Dawn,

I’m a mid-level manager in a large multinational company. I like my job and enjoy working with most of my colleagues. A few months ago my boss was replaced with a gentleman from Europe and he’s decided that we need some “team building”. He’s hired a company and we’re going to spend a whole Thursday at a nice hotel learning to trust and communicate better by playing games. I don’t object to the idea of spending time with co-workers but this kind of enforced camaraderie doesn’t seem to have much value and I’ve got a lot of work I need to do at the office. On top of this there is a “team dinner” that evening and I know my wife and kids won’t appreciate me losing my Thursday evening with them to spend even more time with the people in the office. Can I bow out or is it too risky?


Team-building sceptic

What is your opinion on the subject? Should ‘Team-building sceptic’ attend the event? We await your feedback and hope to initiate a debate with you.

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Send your questions for Dawn anonymously to [email protected] and see them answered here next time.

Dawn Metcalfe is the managing director of Performance Development Services (PDS). Find out more at


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