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Data-driven economy at GITEX Global

Data-driven economy at GITEX Global

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) governments have set lofty ambitions for themselves to be at the forefront of the digital revolution


Over the last decade, big data has become one of the most prominent topics, with many countries trying to gain a competitive edge in this field. Governments worldwide have noticed increased benefits from this disruptive technology in many ways, such as improved decision-making and service delivery.

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), global spending on big data and analytics solutions will reach $215.7bn by this year. In countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia, implementing their own significant data initiatives has already had tangible benefits, stated Deloitte.

From a regional perspective, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) governments have set lofty ambitions for themselves to be at the forefront of the digital revolution. Most GCC nations have recognised the relevance of this disruptive technology, who have developed forward-thinking initiatives such as the UAE Smart Data Strategy, and Tasmu Qatar to capitalise on the opportunities presented by big data.

Gulf nations have distinct advantages in capitalising on big data prospects, such as an efficient legislative system and strong leadership commitment.

In line with the government’s strategy, GITEX Global this year has introduced Data Economy. This platform will concentrate on the most critical aspects of digital transformation, including data science, coding, and development. In addition, GITEX’s CodeInfinity will be the region’s first and only developer event to empower young programmers with three founding partners: Microsoft, Oracle & Red Hat, each offering certified training workshops and hands-on labs.

GITEX will also host a panel discussion on data-driven economic reasoning with many Data Science Leaders on stage. Artificial Intelligence-powered systems analyse consumers’ activity, browsing data and create product recommendations tailored to individual preferences. With companies competing to widen the range of products and services presented using recommender systems, the ethical risk of influencing or shaping choices remains the tallest challenge in the new world order being shaped up by AI. Is this a filter bubble or an echo chamber?

The panel will discuss how regulators, companies, and consumers cannot compromise freedom of choice yet offer the benefits and ethical frameworks.

The panel will include Dina Mohammed Laity, director of Data Science, Talabat, Jennifer Belissent, principal data strategist, Snowflake, Nuno Amral de Frietas, director of strategy and analytics, Kitch, William Thompson, president, Forbes Insight and Vishal Soni, data evangelist, Alteryx.

GITEX Data Economy will also witness the launch of the She Loves Data initiative for the first time in the UAE. Over 14,000 women worldwide have received training, mentorship, and opportunities for advancement in the data economy through She Loves Data.

Visitors will also be introduced to the world’s most acclaimed coding bootcamp in data analytics with Python, web development and data science with a certified workshop at GITEX Global.

The event will feature many other innovations and provide the opportunity to attend six tech shows all at once: GITEX Global, GITEX Future Stars, Future Blockchain Summit, Ai Everything, Marketing Mania and Fintech Surge.

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