Dash Venture Labs launches a ‘startup guide for coders' in the UAE
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Dash Venture Labs launches a ‘startup guide for coders’ in the UAE

Dash Venture Labs launches a ‘startup guide for coders’ in the UAE

Coding and automation are new growth drivers and can play a pivotal role to promote digital economy across the globe

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Dash Venture Labs has launched a ‘startup guide for coders,’ which outlines how to become a successful coder in the UAE.

The guide has been primarily divided into three sections: 1)Understanding coding; 2)UAE – Best place to become a coder; and 3)How Dash Venture Labs can help you in becoming a successful coder in the UAE. These sections are intended to provide coders with a thorough grasp of the subject, how businesses are using it throughout the world, and the advantages of being a coder in today’s technology-driven world.

Furthermore, as companies are looking at optimising their operating efficiency through automation, the guide sheds light on how coding as a career will provide several opportunities for new aspirants as well as upgrade the skills of experienced professionals.

The first section of the guide focuses on the importance of coding in today’s changing business environment. It discusses how computer programming has become a problem solver in today’s competitive technology-driven world and how it plays a vital role in improving operating efficiencies for organisations to remain competitive. It also touches base on the most in-demand coding languages and careers sought by aspirants that are helping the IT ecosystem flourish in the UAE.

The second section of the guide emphasises the role of the UAE government and the recent initiatives taken to establish itself as the technology hub within the GCC region. The growth of the digital economy is a significant priority for the UAE government as it seeks to accelerate the development of the country’s burgeoning talent and expertise in the digital sector. Moreover, it plays a significant part in the ambitious plans of the UAE government to diversify itself into a knowledge-based economy. To expedite the drive, the government has taken several measures to facilitate entrepreneurship over the past two years, focusing on freelancers.

The third section of the guide focuses on the role of Dash Venture Labs in facilitating the process of becoming a successful coder in the UAE. Dash Venture Labs has a full spectrum of services, from providing coaching/learning courses to becoming a coder to setting up a business or supporting in becoming a freelancer in the UAE. Moreover, the organisation strives to provide aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers in building successful businesses by providing efficient and reliable solutions for any obstacles related to setting- up a business.

Shailesh Dash, the founder of Dash Venture Labs, said, “The UAE government understands the importance of digitalisation in a rapidly changing business environment. Hence, it has taken a number of landmark initiatives that are truly visionary and aimed at becoming a global digital economy during the past two years.”

“The government’s decision to allow foreigners to own 100 per cent of businesses and reform its visa processes was an important step in providing business-friendly policies and attracting talented individuals to the UAE,” Dash said.

“Hence, we decided that it is opportune to launch the ‘startup guide for coders’, which provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide for individuals looking to become successful software coders in the UAE. Our primary focus was to highlight the key insights on the importance of coding in today’s world and how it is transforming businesses to gain competitive advantage in fast-evolving industries,” Dash concluded.

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