Crypto Oasis to boost blockchain development in the region
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Crypto Oasis to boost blockchain development in the region

Crypto Oasis to boost blockchain development in the region

Crypto Oasis identified over 1,450 established organisations across the UAE with more than 7,000 people working in it

Ralf Glabischnig Crypto Oasis

How is Crypto Oasis looking to boost blockchain development in the Middle East?
Crypto Oasis is fully focusing on connecting crypto enthusiasts to our ecosystem and growing the wider Inacta Group with Venture Capital and Venture Building structures in the UAE. Inacta is also one of the founding members of the Crypto Valley Association and believes the time is ripe for this collaboration to bring the two regions closer together and bridge the geographic distance. Crypto Oasis is building the ecosystem for organisations in the Web3, non-fungible token and metaverse space.

Arte is the Web3 meta-community initiative by Crypto Oasis. It brings together Web3 communities and individuals worldwide to create an environment that enables them in the art and technology worlds. It offers a foundation and platform for local and international communities and individuals to come together to collaborate, create and connect.

What value does Crypto Oasis offer to its partners?
Crypto Oasis catalyses the growth of organisations in the crypto space and like the Crypto Valley Association, it brings together investors, startups, corporates, researchers and government entities. The Crypto Oasis is growing at such a fast pace that it has outgrown Switzerland in just two years.

Explain in brief the roles of both entities. How do you see the growth of your ecosystem by the end of the year?
The Crypto Valley Association is based out of Zug. The association was founded to benefit from Switzerland’s strengths to connect startups and established enterprises and foster blockchain and cryptographic tech innovation and adoption. Crypto Oasis will lead the Crypto Valley Association chapter for the Middle East as we are connecting two of the most active areas in the crypto industry.

The two entities will play complementary roles and expedite our mutual aim to establish a global blockchain ecosystem. This alliance will connect a fragmented blockchain world with the Middle East which already has become the new hub for crypto and blockchain.

The Crypto Oasis is a Middle East focused blockchain ecosystem that is the fastest growing, with more than 1,450 organisations identified in the UAE alone with over 7,000 people working in it.

What are your plans for the next two years for Switzerland and the Middle East?
The collaboration between Crypto Valley Association and Crypto Oasis will enable knowledge share and the exchange between crypto-passionate in Switzerland and in the Middle East. Crypto Oasis has launched directory that cements our position as thought leaders in the industry.

We will host several events which will bring everyone together through events and roundtable discussions where ideas can be exchanged and put into action. We are excited about the future and look forward to fostering blockchain adoption on a global scale.

Ralf Glabischnig is the founder at Crypto Oasis

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