Crypto Oasis, Roland Berger partner to boost crypto economy in the region
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Crypto Oasis, Roland Berger partner to boost region’s crypto economy

Crypto Oasis, Roland Berger partner to boost region’s crypto economy

Roland Berger and Crypto Oasis will explore opportunities in the fields of blockchain and decentralised technologies in the region

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Crypto Oasis and Roland Berger partner

Global strategy and management consultancy Roland Berger has partnered with Crypto Oasis to pool their resources to boost the region’s blockchain ecosystem.

The consultancy has strong capabilities in helping clients to develop specific crypto economy strategies and identify use cases and investment opportunities that are critical for the future strategic positioning. The firm is the strategic advisor behind some of the biggest recent projects in the region, including the strategy for a large bitcoin mining facility and the setup of tokenised green asset exchange.

Roland Berger is handling its global crypto economy advisory out of the UAE, and with Crypto Oasis gearing up to achieve its target of identifying 1,500 organisations in the ecosystem by the end of the year, this partnership is key for both companies, particularly as they look at leveraging blockchain and decentralised technologies.

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Pierre Samaties, one of the partners in charge of leading the global crypto economy team for Roland Berger, said: “Crypto Oasis has a strong ecosystem comprising a network of organisations that are breakthrough innovators and are leapfrogging ahead. We have witnessed their explosive growth in the past few months. As we assist companies in their journey towards the crypto economy, it is vital to have access to the latest innovation and talent in this fast-moving space.”

“We are delighted to welcome Roland Berger as our newest global strategic partner,” commented Ralf Glabischnig, founder of Crypto Oasis. “Our ecosystem members will have access to their world-class management consultancy that will support them as they embrace the opportunities to transform their business and utilise blockchain solutions. With Roland Berger’s strong presence among governments and corporations, we expect this partnership to help us develop meaningful connections with them. As they step further into the blockchain economy we will be working together to release thought leadership reports to further educate and inform the market of this ever-growing and evolving ecosystem.”

“We believe that with Crypto Oasis’ core values of infrastructure, talent, and capital, we can integrate alliances in their unique Ecosystem and transform the crypto economy landscape,” added Feroz Sanaulla, partner and global co-head of the Crypto Economy team.

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