Cruise Saudi launches Aroya: A glimpse at the kingdom's first cruise line
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Cruise Saudi launches Aroya: A glimpse at the kingdom’s first cruise line

Cruise Saudi launches Aroya: A glimpse at the kingdom’s first cruise line

The flagship vessel of Aroya Cruises is an impressive 335-metre floating resort

Marisha Singh
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Cruise Saudi, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) specialising in developing the cruise sector within Saudi Arabia, has announced the commercial launch of its new cruise line, Aroya Cruises.

Immediate bookings for various trips are now available on the cruise line’s official website.

“As the first Arabian cruise line, AROYA Cruises is proud to lead the way with its authentic Arabian experience offered to guests at sea and on land,” stated the press release. The cruise line promises a unique blend of Arabian generosity and Saudi hospitality, aiming to provide exceptional experiences focused on comfort and luxury.

Inside Aroya Cruises

The flagship vessel of Aroya Cruises is an impressive 335-metre floating resort, boasting 1,678 cabins, including balcony cabins with stunning sea views, as well as luxury suites and villas.

Designed to accommodate more than 3,362 passengers, the ship is a marvel of modern engineering and luxury.

Entertainment options aboard the Aroya Cruises ship are extensive, featuring 20 venues spread across 18 decks.

Passengers can enjoy shopping at Aroya’s exclusive shops, attend performances in the 1,018-seat theater, and watch shows and movies designed for children. The variety of activities ensures that there is something for everyone on board.

For those seeking a more exclusive experience, Aroya Cruises offers VIP options that include spacious and premium suites, outdoor lounges, and exceptional dining experiences.

These offerings are tailored to provide the utmost in comfort and luxury, ensuring that every guest feels pampered and special.

The first tourist trips are scheduled to commence in the Red Sea in December 2024. These inaugural voyages will include visits to Aroya Cruises’ private island and excursions to popular destinations in Egypt and Jordan. This strategic itinerary is designed to showcase the natural beauty and rich history of the region, offering passengers a unique and immersive travel experience.

Aroya Cruises’ launch marks a significant milestone for Cruise Saudi and the kingdom’s broader Vision 2030 initiative, which aims to diversify the Saudi economy and promote tourism.

By introducing a luxury cruise line that embodies the essence of Arabian culture and hospitality, Cruise Saudi is positioning itself as a serious competitor in the global cruise industry with a spectacular cruise experience with its blend of Arabian tradition and modern luxury.

With immediate bookings available, travellers can now secure their place on this groundbreaking new cruise line and look forward to an unforgettable journey through some of the most beautiful and historic locations in the region.

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