Covid-19 vaccine delivery: Logistics companies face mammoth task
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Covid-19 vaccine delivery: Logistics companies face mammoth task

Covid-19 vaccine delivery: Logistics companies face mammoth task

Gulf Business talks to Jack Muhs, regional president of FedEx Express Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa, about the challenges of delivering Covid-19 vaccines around the world


1. What are the key challenges logistics companies are facing regarding vaccine distribution?
Running an operation of this magnitude and scale requires comprehensive contingency planning. Logistics companies facilitating the shipping and distribution of the vaccine will need to be flexible and have the right supply chain infrastructure and solutions to ensure a successful outcome.

For example, given the needs of the vaccine, we are using our SenseAware technology, a near real-time tracking technology which monitors the location, humidity, and temperature of the shipments, and allows early intervention if required.

FedEx is also working closely with our healthcare customers alongside government officials and regulatory agencies to prepare for the shipment of the vaccines when they are approved and ready.


2. How is FedEx ensuring the readiness of its supply chain?

The transportation of the Covid-19 vaccines will be among the most important work in the history of our company. Our global network consists of more than 5,000 facilities, 680 aircraft, 200,000 vehicles, and nearly 600,000 team members worldwide.

We have already been shipping active ingredients to manufacturers to support vaccine development, and in 2009, we supported H1N1 vaccine distribution, shipping 80 million doses to 90,000 destination sites.

3. Which geographical areas is FedEx covering worldwide, and what is the timeline for vaccine delivery?

We operate across 220 countries and territories. Our network allows us to pick up a package from almost any part of the world and deliver it to any other part of the world in a matter of days.

We know that this will be a marathon, not a sprint. The vaccine shipments are likely to take place in stages over a long period of time, and we have the capacity and capabilities to ship the Covid-19 vaccine for as long as is necessary.

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