Covid-19: Abu Dhabi updates testing rules for entry from within the UAE
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Covid-19: Abu Dhabi updates testing rules for entry from within the UAE

Covid-19: Abu Dhabi updates testing rules for entry from within the UAE

A DPI test can no longer be used on two consecutive occasions to enter Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi has updated the rules around the mandatory Covid-19 testing for citizens and residents entering the emirate from within the UAE, which will be effective from Monday, February 1.

The Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee has said that it will continue to allow entry into the emirate within 48 hours of receiving a negative PCR test result.

Those remaining in the emirate for four days or more, must take a PCR test on day four of their entry, and another PCR test on the eight day of their stay if they are staying for eight days or more.

The updated rules now state that DPI test results undertaken to enter the emirate will have a validity of only 24 hours, instead of 48 hours under the previous rules.

Those using a DPI tests to enter, cannot do so on two consecutive times, which could be proven using Alhosn app.

Also, those entering the emirate on the validity of a DPI test and staying in the emirate for more than 48 hours, must take a PCR test on day three of entry, and take another PCR test on day seven if they are staying for seven days or more.

The committee warned that those who do not adhere to the above rules will be liable for fines.
While the directives are binding on all UAE citizens and residents, including Abu Dhabi residents, it exempts volunteers in Phase III vaccine clinical trials and those who are vaccinated as part of national vaccination programmes who have active icons (gold star or letter E) on Alhosn app.

While these rules are applicable for those entering from within the UAE, Abu Dhabi also recently updated its ‘green list’ of countries, from where those flying directly into the emirate are exempt from mandatory quarantine measures.

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Last week, Australia, Singapore, Maldives, Falkland Islands and Greenland were added to the list, while Kuwait, Taipei, Macao, Isle of Man, New Caledonia and Sao Tome and Principe were removed from it.

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