How Everdome is carving a future well-versed with the metaverse
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Cover story: How Everdome is carving a future well-versed with the metaverse

Cover story: How Everdome is carving a future well-versed with the metaverse

Everdome’s chief marketing officer Bally Singh on how the company is creating its vision for a metaverse ecosystem which offers limitless possibilities

Divsha Bhat
Everdome metaverse

We live in an era where digital is no longer a passing fad; it is a revolution that is set to accelerate and transform the future — of technology, industry, creativity and communication.

Across the Middle East, digital advancements are disrupting every aspect of business. Emerging technologies are promising quantum leaps in our interactions with the digital world. One such technology is the “metaverse.”

Metaverse for business growth
To comprehend how the metaverse could impact business, it is vital to recall how the Internet has radically transformed our lives. It has had a profound impact on all facets of our lives, including the way we interact, communicate or even shop. This has been possible since the very first Internet versions, through Web2 to the point where we are now at the beginning of Web3 – the third stage of internet development where individuals will have more jurisdiction of the web.

Visualise a digitally enabled world transcending real-world limitations, without natural laws such as gravity, geographical borders, and no limits to what people can create, build, achieve and become. Imagine school children visiting a historical site in a hyper-realistic version of Rome as part of their studies. Consider surgeons being able to practise their skills in a hyper-realistic setting or people travelling to Mars without leaving their apartment. These are just examples of the transformative power of the metaverse – a world really where the only border is our imagination.

So how can the metaverse transform the business landscape, both in the Middle East and beyond? “While the metaverse can be accurately described as an entirely new platform for businesses to interact with their public, it is more than that,” emphasises Bally Singh, chief marketing officer at Everdome, a company that is creating a hyper-realistic metaverse. “The metaverse offers the potential to build products and services, as, or around a hyper-real experience. In doing so, the metaverse will provide an unprecedented opportunity to connect with customers and users in immersive detail on levels not before encountered.

“It provides unlimited scope for anyone – corporates, small businesses, governments, schools, existing industries, and new ones that will emerge specifically in reaction to the metaverse environment – to go beyond what’s currently possible.”

In support of his statements, he provides examples such as how an interior design company can set up shop in the metaverse, creating photo-realistic decor schemes that customers can experience in a hyper-real setting before they make a purchase. Or a medical college that can run simulations, allowing professionals to learn essential life-saving skills without risk to patients. Additionally, governments can expand into digital tourism, recreating popular or historic destinations for people to explore and visit from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, students will be able to relive the age of dinosaurs, explore outer space or climb through the pyramids of Egypt without having to leave their classrooms. “These are just a handful of possibilities – the truth of the metaverse is that it is practically limitless in what can be achieved. All it takes is a little imagination, and a partner who can turn ideas into reality,” he says.

Everdome is a great example of this. The company has created a hyper-realistic metaverses where its early users will start their journey in Hatta, in the UAE – a real location, with photo realistic detail. Following this, they will embark on a journey into the unknown to establish a colony on Mars. Everdome has sold plots of land on its metaverse version of Mars that can be developed as people would do with land here on Earth. People and businesses will be able to come together to create a community in the same way they would do in the real world if they were there. Business opportunities abound within Everdome. They may include developing entire immersive experiences, acquiring physical metaverse space, or building exciting installations. The company is opening up a new world for businesses to explore exciting, unique ways in which to thrive.

Taking a look back
So, why was Everdome created? Founded to fill a burgeoning need in the metaverse space, the company was formed in 2021. At the time Everdome’s team was putting together their first project, Metahero, which is a gateway to the metaverse or a bridge between physical and digital space. They quickly noticed that many brands were looking for a metaverse that could provide the level of detail and quality they were seeking.

Everdome is more than just the spark that inspired the idea. Consumers and brands have already seen what current metaverses have to offer, but have those metaverses done enough to attract as many people as they should have? Do these metaverses meet the expectations of users? In light of these questions, the company set out to create a new metaverse ecosystem that would set new standards of not only what is possible, but also what people can expect at every point of interaction. “We understand that people seek experiences such as they’ve seen in movies, like Ready Player One for example, where stunning graphics combined with hassle-free accessibility come as standard, and where you have the opportunity to build your own developments or applications within the metaverse ecosystem,” comments Singh.

“We have the advanced technology needed to make that happen, to create hyper-realistic experiences that will elevate our connected lives forever. That’s exactly what we’re aiming for with Everdome – an experience that blurs the lines between reality and metaverse existence.”

Meanwhile, land in Everdome is similar to land in the real world. This land is sold in plots, and it can be purchased by anyone who is interested. There is a wide range of choices available for owners of land within the Everdome metaverse, so they can choose where they want to purchase it from. The owner can then decide what he or she will do with it – whether they are going to develop it, hold onto it, or even rent or sell it on to someone else.

Earlier this year, the company launched a series of land auctions, selling 7,238 hexagonal plots of land over eight weeks. “To date we have sold 97 per cent of the currently available plots of land throughout Everdome. Everdome’s eight auction rounds saw 11,700 plots purchased for upwards of $18.6m which is equivalent to 1,531,000,000 $DOME. The average price of a plot of land in Everdome was around 130,000 $DOME.”

So, does this mean the metaverse is ready for mass adoption in the region? Singh explains how the vast array of people in the Middle East are young, tech-savvy, and eager to embrace innovations that can enhance their lives. “The metaverse is no exception to this. There has already been a strong uptake for existing metaverse games across the region, demonstrating the appetite out there.”

He adds: “There will of course be challenges in broader metaverse adoption. 5G for example isn’t as widely accessible across the GCC, as it is in other regions. Until recently there has been a preference for physical payments rather than digital ones, so the adoption of digital wallets and crypto has been slower than elsewhere in the world. But things are definitely changing. They’re moving in the right direction, spurred on by forward-thinking leaders and governments who are embracing digitalisation as a means for economic and societal empowerment as well as transformation.”

Opening new doors
In the Middle East, there is an increasing interest among governments in exploring the possibilities of metaverse. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council has launched the Dubai Metaverse Strategy in the UAE. The project aims to generate Dhs4bn for the national economy over five years, along with 40,000 virtual jobs.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has announced that it will invest billions of dollars in advanced technologies over the next few years. Among these investments are $1bn that will go into Tonomous (previously known as Neom tech & Digital Company) – a futuristic city that plans to launch a metaverse. The metaverse can benefit every industry and sectors such as retail, education, healthcare and hospitality are embracing it to enhance digital environment for their customers. Singh describes that in the metaverse, all it takes is a little imagination. “Whatever you can do in the real world you can do in the metaverse… but if you take away the restrictions of the real world you can really open up an entire new universe of possibilities.”


He cites the retail industry as an example, saying we drive to the mall, enter our favourite store, browse the aisles, and select our clothing. “You take them to the cubicle, try them, find out some don’t fit, and have to search for different sizes. It’s not always the most convenient process. And, of course, as a store owner you have to keep plenty of stock on display, including a range of sizes and variants, all of which take up precious space.

“Now, imagine the experience in the metaverse. A virtual assistant greets you. You tell them what you’re looking for – let’s say a blue t-shirt. All of the store’s blue t-shirts are instantly available for you to browse through, and you can switch from one to the next with a simple swipe. But you’re not just looking at pictures of a t-shirt in front of you – you’re viewing it on your real-to-life avatar, a true likeness of your physical body in every way.”

He adds: “You can see exactly what each blue t-shirt will look like, whether it’s flattering or not, if the buttons are where you want them to be, if the cut is right and so on. You can try on every item in the store in the same way, and when you’ve chosen what you want to purchase it’ll be delivered right to your doorstep. It’s not just convenient, it’s literally game-changing for consumers, businesses, and even for the environment – just think of how carbon emissions can be cut down by reducing the need to travel.” Singh has just outlined a basic example of what can be done. In the metaverse, business realities will be entirely different for every brand, as it allows them to create something unique that reflects their own values.

Towards the future
Everdome’s metaverse has been meticulously crafted to ensure that no detail is overlooked. From the aesthetics of the surroundings to the robust security measures, the company has created a safe and secure environment. “Our use of advanced technology across all aspects of the metaverse has created an impressive space empowering users to unlock practically limitless possibilities, with maximum accessibility and the opportunity to develop a more personalised, custom experience within our metaverse,” states Singh. “We’ve focused heavily on interoperability to open up access to as many users and systems as possible. On top of this, we have introduced user-friendly layers that allow everyone to enjoy everything the metaverse has to offer, without needing to understand the tech behind it,” he adds.

The company also plans to roll out the ‘Everdome Economy’ in 2023, which will include marketplaces, workforce development, land speculation, open boundaries for peer-to-peer transactions and much more. To further drive the metaverse forward, Everdome carefully curates partnerships in the fields of technology, finance and marketing. In its quest to become the world’s leading metaverse, it is setting examples for what can be done to take the experience above and beyond expectations. Everdome is building the foundations for a community and giving its inhabitants everything they need to experience a seamless existence within the metaverse. Its plans revolve around creating new and exciting ways to further enhance its metaverse.

Dawn of a new era
Moving forward, in about five years, the metaverse is likely to become much more familiar to many people, Singh predicts. “One of our greatest tasks at the moment is education and awareness. Once there is a better understanding of what the metaverse is and its potential, it will grow immensely. We’ll see a lot more applications developed specifically for industries who will use the metaverse to augment and even replace some real-world functions.

“Metaverse-specific businesses, even industries will begin to emerge. Naturally there will be developers, coders, creatives – all of whom will contribute towards the ‘physical’ aspects of the metaverse. But there will also be metaverse-specific marketeers and advertising experts, realtors selling metaverse plots as well as showing metaverse versions of real-world properties, metaverse tour guides, hosts and hostesses, store assistants, personal assistants among others. Any job in the real world can have a metaverse equivalent.”
The metaverse is, essentially, a reflection of the real world – but powered by imagination. Everdome has created a fully immersive and interactive environment that allows users to engage with brands on a whole new level. Singh says: “We can make anything happen in our metaverse, which can lead us to many incredible, exciting discoveries, realisations, and even unexpected evolutions.

“We’ve created something that is practically limitless, and we can’t wait to see where it may take us.”

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