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Costa Rica to open embassy in Dubai

Costa Rica to open embassy in Dubai

Greater relations with the UAE will also be enhanced by a trade office

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Costa Rica has announced the launch of a new embassy in Dubai as the Central American nation moves to build stronger relations with the United Arab Emirates.

The launch of the embassy – which is expected to open in the coming months – was announced by Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, the President of Costa Rica, during a visit to Dubai.

A representative trade office will also be established to aid business between the two countries, and on Monday, the UAE and Costa Rica signed a protocol granting citizens mutual exemption from pre-entry visas. Talks are also ongoing over a double tax agreement.

Speaking to press at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the President expressed the importance of the move, especially in the lead-up to Expo 2020.

He said: “It’s always good news to open relations with countries. I think the time is right – we have had little experience in this part of the world and it took us more time than other countries, but we’re finally here.

“Just yesterday (Monday) we also eliminated visas for nations of the UAE and Cost Rica to be able to move more swiftly from one country to the other, and I think that the context is complete now and we will be able to participate in the world fair in a different condition.”

The President added that with trade having grown by 25 per cent in one year, there is a new dynamic between the two counties, which he hopes will have long-term regional benefits for Costa Rica.

“We will use the UAE as a platform for expanding in the region, using this as a launching point for other initiatives,” he said.

“We have high expectations and we would like to look at this as a major positioning of Costa Rica’s trade.”

With Expo 2020 just three years away, the President also sees Costa Rica’s move into the region as timely, helping the nation raise its global profile.

He said: “We are a small nation that has made some very fundamental achievements – in energy, production, the use of natural resources, the development of tourism. So my hope is that being at Expo 2020, we will be able to be more obvious and show what the country is capable of offering.


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