Comprehensive private health insurance in the UAE: Are you covered?
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Comprehensive private health insurance in the UAE: Are you covered?

Comprehensive private health insurance in the UAE: Are you covered?

While many UAE workers receive insurance from their employer, they face restrictions in terms of coverage and quality of healthcare

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It’s no secret that most employers in the UAE provide their workers with health insurance. In the case of both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, it is now mandatory for employers and sponsors to provide coverage for their employees and dependents. However, few people investigate the quality of the cover they are provided until they need to visit a hospital.

For many residents this experience is a rude awakening. They find they cannot visit a healthcare provider of their choosing or must venture far from their home to receive treatment due to the limitations in the scope of their insurance package. There are also several treatments that are not included under government-mandated lists regulating employer coverage – ranging from psychological counselling to extended periods of rehabilitation linked to debilitating and neurological conditions.

Insurance plans are also based on the geography they cover. Few coverage plans extend beyond the UAE’s borders, meaning if you or a family member fall ill on a work or leisure trip, a hefty healthcare bill may add to what is already a stressful experience.

Fortunately, there are a few UAE insurance providers offering coverage that addresses many of these issues and provides peace of mind to you and your family.

Cigna’s Individual Private Health Insurance plan ‘Cigna Healthguard’ is one such example, offering three coverage options based on your needs.

In each instance, the premium insurance plans extend well beyond the standard insurance provided by an employer and includes inpatient, day patient, accommodation costs, outpatient care and treatment, as well as cover for cancer, maternity and mental health care among other critical and non-critical diseases and medical conditions.

For those seeking more comprehensive global coverage, or their choice of premium providers, there is the international plan. This includes worldwide coverage with the option of adding the US and access to Cigna’s full network of hospitals and medical practitioners in the UAE (excluding American Hospital Dubai) under a Dhs7.35m benefit limit.

Cigna also offers a premium plan – the International Plus Plan, which provides full worldwide coverage with the option to include the US, access to the full UAE healthcare network and no annual benefit limit.

Finally, the regional plan will provide peace of mind to families that regularly travel in the surrounding region with coverage in the GCC countries, wider Middle East and Asia excluding Singapore, Hong Kong and China. The annual limit of Dhs2.75m excludes some high cost hospitals and medical practitioners in the UAE but provides comprehensive healthcare across most of the world.

The three plans help address many of the concerns businessmen and women and their families can face when it comes to healthcare in the UAE and abroad.

Why not take a closer look at what health coverage your employer is providing today and determine if you need to upgrade to one of Cigna’s comprehensive plans?

In the case of the health and wellbeing of yourself and your family, you cannot put a price on peace of mind.

Visit Cigna’s website for more information:


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