Citron Launches New Baby Feeding Collection
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Citron Launches New Baby Feeding Collection

Citron Launches New Baby Feeding Collection

At Citron, we’re excited to announce our expansion into kid-friendly tableware, adhering to our core values of sustainability and functionality that have shaped our back-to-school products. Our latest line is designed to make the feeding journey for parents and their children a delightful experience.

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Building on our reputation for creating durable and eco-friendly back-to-school essentials, we are now carving a niche in the kids’ feeding solutions market. With a commitment to sustainability and aiding in children’s developmental stages, our brand is already making waves, having secured accolades, such as the Mom’s Choice Award and the prestigious 2020 Family Choice Award, among others.

This expansion is a testament to our dedication to quality and the environment, ensuring that parents can provide the best for their children without compromising on values.

Citron Has Led the Way in Sustainable Back-to-School Supplies Since 2018

Our well-established, women-led brand has been at the forefront of the back-to-school market since 2018, providing children of all ages with an extensive selection of outdoor essentials. Our product lineup includes:

  • Lunch boxes
  • Water bottles
  • Backpacks
  • Lunch bags

All Citron products are manufactured using BPA-free and non-toxic materials. Our latest baby feeding collection aims to support children’s growing proficiency and their development of motor skills and hand-eye coordination through the use of innovative and eco-friendly feeding products.

Our Range of Feeding Gear for Kids is Stylish, Safe and Sustainable

Our newly launched feeding collection is conscientiously designed to progress with your child from their very first meal through the journey to self-feeding. Embracing eco-consciousness and sustainability, each product from this range is made out of materials that are both gentle on the environment and safe for your little ones.

“This tableware grows alongside your child” is not just a slogan; it’s our commitment to providing a scalable feeding solution. The collection features a variety of silicone bibs, placemats, silicone plates, meal kits for children between 4 months+ to 6 years, sporks, and a vibrant selection of prints, allowing parents to find a style that resonates with their child’s personality. Functionality and ease of use are at the heart of these designs, ensuring mealtime is simple, fun, and a period of growth and learning. With our feeding essentials, parents and children alike are equipped with the finest tools, tailor-made for every developmental milestone.

Mark your calendars! Citron’s anticipated feeding collection will officially make its debut and hit the shelves at select retail locations, including Mamas & Papas, our flagship store, as well as our comprehensive online storefront, commencing on March 8th. To indulge in an early reveal of these innovative, sustainable feeding solutions, we invite you to explore a preview on our website at

You can also contact us at:

Phone: +971 4 547 78 30
Email: [email protected]


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