Chevrolet offers deep discounts and order-from-home on its cars in the UAE
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Chevrolet offers deep discounts and order-from-home on its cars in the UAE

Chevrolet offers deep discounts and order-from-home on its cars in the UAE

Customers can complete the entire purchasing process online without visiting the showroom

Chevrolet Tahoe

General Motors-owned Chevrolet has announced that it is offering customers discounts of up to Dhs33,000 on its cars sold in the UAE through its dealership – Al Ghandi Auto and Bin Hamoodah Auto – as part of it Ramadan promotional offer.

In the light of the global Covid-19 pandemic and the consequent restrictions on the movement of individuals to prevent the transmission of the virus, Chevrolet has introduced a door-to-door service that allows its customers to go through the entire decision-making and purchasing process without having to visit the showroom.

Customers can request for a test drive vehicle to be delivered to their home and then complete the entire purchasing formalities online as well as receive their new vehicle without stepping into the showroom.

The discounts that Chevrolet are offering for Ramadan are on its 2020 range of vehicles.

It is offering discounts of up to Dhs33,000 on the Tahoe SUV and up to Dhs12,000 on the Traverse SUV.

Discounts of up to Dhs20,000 will be available on the 2020 Silverado Trail Boss pick-up and up to Dhs15,000 discounts on the Blazer model.

The Malibu midsize sedan model meanwhile is being offered with discounts of up to Dhs10,000.

In related news, on March 26, the UAE’s ministry of Interior said that all motorists in the country could renew their driving licences online in response the Covid-19 precautionary measures in place across the country.

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All driving licences will be renewed online notwithstanding fines, black points or pending eye tests.

The renewal will be valid for one year from the date of issuance.

A similar injunction was issued earlier in March, when motorists in the UAE were allowed to renew their vehicles’ registration cards without having to visit any service delivery centre.

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The vehicle registration renewal directive comes into effect from Sunday, March 22, until the next three months.

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