Cayan condemns model filmed hanging off Dubai tower
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Cayan condemns model filmed hanging off Dubai tower

Cayan condemns model filmed hanging off Dubai tower

Cayan said Viki Odintcova carried out the stunt without its permission


Middle Eastern property developer Cayan Group has issued a statement condemning a Russian model filmed hanging off the side of the company’s tower in Dubai.

In the clip, posted on Instagram, YouTube and other social media channels, Viki Odintcova is seen hanging off the side of the Cayan Tower in Dubai Marina by clutching onto the cameraman’s arm without any restraints.

Cayan said the stunt was carried out without its permission or that of the local authorities. Dubai Police have reportedly summoned the 23-year-old to sign a pledge not to put her life in danger again.

‘’Although the Cayan Tower has been periodically used for extreme sports events, in all cases there has been safety, security, and emergency services on site. We have a process of selecting trained professionals skilled at their craft, especially these high-risk life-threatening events, and carry out a stick review of the safety measures and backup safety measures before approving the event,” said Gizel Daher, director of marketing and communications.

The company added that Odintova had not sought its permission or approval and breached security to perform the stunt.

Daher said Cayan did not condone her actions and was in the process of reviewing security procedures to prevent a repeat incident.

“An immediate legal action is running against this condemned incident and the sentence will cover the involved breachers at all levels,” according to the company.


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