Careem launches new visual brand identity
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Careem launches new visual brand identity

Careem launches new visual brand identity

The ‘C’ wink and bold green remain central to the company’s new brand identity, with the notable logo only slightly tweaked

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Careem's new visual indentity

Careem has revealed a new brand identity as the Middle East region’s leading ‘everything app’ with over 12 services currently available in Dubai.

The company’s brand architecture is growing as its service portfolio has expanded as well. Careem said each of the company’s services, including Careem Pay, Careem Food, and Careem Quik, has become an individual sub-brand within its overarching brand house.

The new brand refresh includes new colour palettes and graphic elements to reflect each sub-brand, with an updated visual system that can be unlocked to empower each to succeed in its own competitive landscape. The ‘C’ wink and bold green remain central to Careem’s new brand identity, with the notable logo only slightly tweaked.

“This has been in the works for some time now and we’re excited to visually showcase Careem’s evolution into an everything app,” said Tom Sword, Careem’s global head of Brand. “We’ve all seen Careem grow from a ride-hailing app in the UAE to a platform offering multiple services in several parts of the region, and our brand identity has matured in parallel. We’re incredibly proud of how far the Careem brand has come over the past 11 years, and are thrilled to give our customers an elevated app experience that reflects that growth.”

Careem launched as a ride-hailing provider in 2012, with the mission to simplify and improve people’s lives in the region. After pioneering ride-hailing in the UAE and building a homegrown brand trusted by millions, the company expanded its service portfolio in several markets and now serves over 50 million customers in 80 cities across the MENAP region.

From ride-hailing to food and grocery delivery to fintech and partner services such as home cleaning, laundry and car rentals, Careem can now improve more lives in a lot more ways than just mobility.

Careem’s growth strategy

Meanwhile, the brand refresh comes on the heels of e& Group’s $400m investment into Careem’s super app, putting the ride-hailing platform on the path to becoming the region’s leading “everything app”.

Careem rebrandsCareem plans to use the proceeds from the new investment to accelerate its ambitious vision to create the first ‘everything app’ serving customers across the Middle East region. This will include expanding its core food, grocery and fintech services and the Careem Plus subscription programme across the region while adding more partner services to its super app.

The company expects significant synergies with e& and to benefit from the telecom company’s large customer base and extensive experience scaling complex tech-enabled businesses across a largely shared geographic footprint.

Since Uber’s acquisition in 2020, Careem has evolved to become a multiservice app offering users over a dozen services. The Careem Super App offers over a dozen services including food and grocery delivery, micro-mobility, a digital wallet and suite of fintech services, and additional third-party services such as home cleaning, car rental and laundry.

The platform’s ride-hailing business will remain fully owned by Uber and continue to be available with all other Careem services on the existing app for customers.

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