Careem launches 15-minute grocery delivery service in Dubai
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Careem launches 15-minute grocery delivery service in Dubai

Careem launches 15-minute grocery delivery service in Dubai

Its Quik service will initially be available in JVC, Marina, and Business Bay before the end of the year

Careem Quik

Careem is expanding the Groceries offering on its Super App by launching Quik, a new ultra-fast grocery delivery service.

It offers customers supermarket competitive prices across a range of everyday grocery items 24×7 in as little as 15 minutes.

Quik uses a network of hyperlocal dark stores and advanced fulfillment and inventory management tech to prepare orders in under two minutes.

Warehouse infrastructure will be automated over time with the support of Careem’s Kiwibot partnership which uses robotic carts to speed up the process even further for Careem Captains.

Through Careem Quik’s dark store network, Careem controls the entire supply chain process, from ordering and fulfillment, to managing inventory and delivery.

When an order is placed on the app, order pickers called ‘Quikers’ collect and process the order in dark stores that are fully optimised for rapid fulfillment, before handing them off to dedicated Quik delivery Captains.

Careem Quik was made available to customers in select active service areas of Dubai from November 29, 2021, and will be introduced across the region in stages.

Quik will cater to JVC, the Marina, and Business Bay by the end of 2021 before expanding to most areas in Dubai by early 2022, with over 100 dark stores expected by the end of next year throughout the region.

The online grocery market in the UAE grew by around 50 per cent in 2021 and is expected to generate $1.6bn by the end of the year, but only 7.8 per cent of the country’s entire grocery sector has been made available for online orders.

Last year, Careem launched a ‘super app’ to offer all its services including ride-hailing, food delivery as well as Careem Pay services to all its users on a single platform. Quik is the latest addition to the platform.

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“Thanks to Careem’s customer-centric app and our extensive experience in last-mile delivery, we can optimise the entire delivery supply chain to bring better speed, value, and quality of experience to the market, ” said Careem’s head of groceries, Chase Lario.

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