Capital Club Dubai: Bringing thinkers, innovators and leaders together
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Capital Club Dubai: Bringing thinkers, innovators and leaders together

Capital Club Dubai: Bringing thinkers, innovators and leaders together

Capital Club Dubai, a forward-thinking global collective of business leaders and innovators, has carved a niche for itself in the emirate’s business ecosystem for over 15 years

David Chaggar Capital Club Dubai

Capital Club Dubai has been synonymous for being the place of choice for business magnates across the Gulf region to transact freely in complete privacy. Over 15 years, the club has become a key part of the region’s dynamic business landscape, gaining prominence for being more than just a members club

Capital Club Dubai is the location of choice where deals are often closed over a handshake. Its membership base is broad by industry with many of the major banks, law firms, investment entities and family offices being present,” said Dave Chaggar, sales director for Capital Club.

Situated in the heart of Dubai International Financial Centre, members have a wide range of facilities at their disposal including a gym, bedrooms, formal meeting areas, restaurant and a cigar lounge among other amenities.

A busy period for the club

Chaggar says the exclusive club has had a busy 12 months. “There has been a considerable spike in inquiries for application to join Capital Club.”

He attributes this to the necessity for its members to be in a concentrated business environment with a focus on more meaningful networks being established.

“Dubai is very much a commercial hub internationally and plays a critical role across many different sectors. Its evolution has been accelerated in recent years with affluent individuals being drawn to all the wide spanning benefits that are on offer here in the UAE,” said Chaggar.

Chaggar points out the buzz he sees across the investment sectors in which he is often connecting members on specific opportunities. “Everyone can see how real estate here continues to be a driving force as the population growth is matched by the construction of new projects. Similarly this has also been seen across the private equity and venture capital segments as individuals and entities look to diversify their investment strategies.”

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