Cafu rolls out new at-home car service facility for Abu Dhabi customers
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Cafu rolls out new at-home car service facility for Abu Dhabi customers

Cafu rolls out new at-home car service facility for Abu Dhabi customers

It will now offer on-demand battery replacement, tyre change, and engine oil change services in Abu Dhabi

Cafu car service

UAE on-demand fuel delivery service, Cafu, has expanded its operation in Abu Dhabi and introduced new services for its customers in the emirate.

It is introducing the region’s first at-home car minor services package that includes on-demand battery, tyre change services, and engine oil change services for customers in Abu Dhabi.

CAFU’s tyre change services in Abu Dhabi will see the company offering a range of tyre brands and sizes which can be selected as per the vehicle and car owner’s budget. Cafu will also offer a complimentary 24-point vehicle check with the on-demand tyre change and balancing service, including a complete interior and exterior inspection.

The company’s battery change services include a diagnostic check for the car battery, starter motor and charging system. The battery change service ranges from a jump start service to a premium AGM Battery replacement, including a warranty period and unlimited jump starts.

Its engine oil change service meanwhile which will be made available to customers in December, comes with a 10-point vehicle check that includes tyre pressure, brake, battery, and a headlight inspection along with an air filter check, steering, coolant level and windscreen washer fluid top-up.

“Our customers are guaranteed convenience, ease-of-use, and superior product quality across our range of simpler, smarter services. And with that in mind, our all new at-home minor car service does just that,” said Alaa El-Huni, head of partnerships and expansion at Cafu.

Cafu has previously launched the SuperShine mobile car wash service in Abu Dhabi, introducing exterior and interior cleaning using antibacterial solutions. Responding to higher demands, the company aims to deploy 50 car cleaning professionals in Abu Dhabi by the end of this year.

Last year, Cafu made free delivery a permanent feature of its business model within the UAE, and began to offer petrol or diesel delivered to customers at the same price as a petrol station.

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