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British woman spared jail in Dubai after calling judge ‘rude’

British woman spared jail in Dubai after calling judge ‘rude’

The woman already had her sponsorship cancelled

A British teacher has been spared from a potential jail sentence in Dubai after calling a judge “rude”, according to reports.

The 49-year-old woman’s case drew headlines earlier this month after she was accused of insulting the judge during a visit to the Personal Status Court in Al Garhoud on September 5 for details on how to get married.

After being told she did not have the right documents by a court translator the woman asked to speak to the presiding judge Jamal Hamad Al Shehi.

He told her she needed all the necessary papers to continue the process at which point she said her treatment had been rude.

The defendant said her remarks had been directed to the court translator rather than the judge but she was reported to police.

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The National reported that the woman, who had already had her passport confiscated and sponsorship cancelled, apologised during a previous court hearing and asked for mercy.

On Thursday, she was given a suspended sentenced by presiding judge Ayman Abdul Hakam of two months in prison.

The woman will not serve the term unless she repeats a similar offence but can appeal the sentence within 13 days.


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