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Book Review: Loveworks

Book Review: Loveworks

The book examines emotional-based approaches to advertising.


At first glance, Loveworks: How the World’s Top Marketers Make An Emotional Connection To Win In the Marketplace misleads. With the name carved in beautiful calligraphy and looped with a red band, the book exudes a soft feel of romance. However, a quick peek inside shows that the pages inside are anything but. Compiled on the back of the success of Lovemarks, a brainchild of global advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, the book practically explains how a brand’s emotional connection ultimately decides its success in the world of advertising.

The book has been criticised for revealing what seems obvious, since an emotional-based approach has always been considered popular and effective in the ad world. However what sets Loveworks apart is its painstaking efforts to lend minute details to support the theory of “creating advocates for one’s brand” through connecting emotionally with the readers.

Penned by Brian Sheehan, a former Saatchi executive, the book compiles a number of case studies on how global brands like swiffer, toyota and lenovo effectively established a connection where people began respecting and eventually loving them for their qualities.

Loveworks asks the central question: how did these brands make the consumer fall in love? With its engaging pictures and concise information, this book sends brand makers on a fascinating – and insightful – journey.


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