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Book Review: Business Politics In The Middle East

Book Review: Business Politics In The Middle East

Written by LSE’s Dr Steffen Hertog, this book explores the relationship between businesses and political regimes in the region.

One of the organs for growth in the MENA region is its socio-political environment. How are MENA regimes shaping businesses? How are businesses in turn defining the political scenario in their country and the region? How is the region’s politico affecting economic policies and numbers?

Although select capitalists claim that business has been marginal in the region’s uprisings, the book strives to debunk this.

Since the Arab Spring hasn’t been quelled in the recent past, the region is most likely heading for a more pluralistic political order, according to the book. Businesses will also become more involved in public services and policy lobbying. This is why it is crucial to understand how corporates and business interests will serve as a pivot for future social contracts.

This volume written by LSE’s Dr Steffen Hertog and edited by Professor Giacomo Luciani and Dr Marc Valeri, addresses important issues. It defines the political role of regional capitalists during and after the Arab uprisings, prospects for the emergence of a more independent bourgeoisie, economic reform and new social contracts. It is a must-read for anyone who cares about how the vanguards of business often sway the centre of power.


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