Bentley unveils limited Speed Edition 12
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Bentley unveils limited Speed Edition 12

Bentley unveils limited Speed Edition 12

The Speed Edition 12 package incorporates a range of distinctive design enhancements

Divsha Bhat
Speed Edition 12

Bentley has created a special edition called the Speed Edition 12 to commemorate the powerful W12 engine that has been the driving force behind its high-performance flagship vehicles.

The limited-edition models, based on the Bentayga, Flying Spur, Continental GT, and Continental GT Convertible in their speed specification, serve as a tribute to an engineering accomplishment.

The Edition 12 package incorporates a range of distinctive design enhancements such as Edition 12 badges, a numbered engine plaque, Edition 12 embroidery, contrast stitching with graduated seat colours, and a Grand Black veneer fascia featuring the engine firing sequence etched alongside an inlaid Edition 12 badge.

With only 120 units of each model being produced, the Speed Edition 12 is destined to become a rare and highly sought-after homage to an engine that has propelled the company’s cars and success for two decades.

The Bentley W12

In 2003, Bentley’s W12 engine heralded a new era for the company as the powertrain for the first all-new model under Volkswagen Group ownership, the Continental GT.

The W-formation of the 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged W12 enabled it to be 24 per cent shorter than an equivalent V12 with no compromise in power, efficiency or refinement.

Ever since, continuous evolution has seen a 37 per cent increase in power and a 54 per cent increase in torque, along with a 25 per cent reduction in emissions.

In the Speed Edition 12 models, the W12 now develops up to 659PS (650 bhp) at 5,000-6,000 rpm, while the famed Bentley ‘tidal wave’ of torque sees a peak of 900Nm reached at just 1,500rpm and continuing unabated through to 5,000 rpm.

Exterior features of Speed Edition 12

The external features of the Speed Edition 12 models are subtle yet carefully curated, making it instantly recognisable to those in the know. Among the distinctive details are silver brake callipers, which are not available for any other Bentley model.

Continental GT and convertible models feature Speed Edition 12 badging on the front fender while Bentayga and Flying Spur models carry Edition 12 badges on the rear quarter together with the existing Speed badge.

Opening the bonnet reveals a numbered Edition 12 plaque in pride of place on the engine’s cover.

Other exterior features include Blackline specification exterior brightware, 22-inch black painted Speed alloy wheels, and self-levelling wheel badges. A new paint colour, Opalite, is available as an option: a light grey-green, it has a subtle copper effect that glows in bright sunshine.


Edition 12 welcome lamps and illuminated treadplates greet driver and passengers to an interior of hand-crafted individuality.

All Edition 12 models are available with Bentley’s Speed colour splits; the main colour, Beluga black, can either be chosen as the sole upholstery colour or complemented by Brunel blue, Cricketball red, Linen or Orange. Veneer in each case is high gloss Grand Black.

Unique features of this limited-edition include seats with Mulliner Silver piping and embroidered Edition 12 namestyle.

The upper seat areas are quilted, and contrast stitched in a graduated three-colour ‘fade’ from Anthracite through Porpoise to Stratos. Quilted door panels are contrast stitched too.

The organ stop air vents are also unique, featuring the numeral ‘12’ machined from solid on the face of the control. As another delightful detail, the Grand Black veneer facia facing the front seat passenger features the firing sequence of the W12 engine etched alongside an inlaid Speed Edition 12 badge.

Commemorative 15 per cent scale model W12 block

As a final touch, customers will receive a precise 15 per cent scale model of the Bentley W12 block as a commemorative artefact for display on desk, cabinet or shelf.

The scale model W12 engines are cast using aluminium taken from a full-size W12 engine block and will serve as a permanent memento of one of Bentley’s most significant and powerful engines.

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