Basma Ashry: A trailblazing force in the business landscape
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Basma Ashry: A trailblazing young force in the business landscape

Basma Ashry: A trailblazing young force in the business landscape

Under her guidance, Business Incorporation Zone has helped more than 2,500 entrepreneurs launch their businesses in the UAE

How Basma Ashry revolutionised the UAE business landscape

In the ever-evolving world of corporate dynamics, particularly in the UAE, there has been a noticeable shift in the tides. The desert nation, historically known for its oil riches, has gained renown as a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation.

Central to this transformation is the burgeoning business setup scene, and Basma Ashry, one of the youngest female CEOs in the corporate service sector, has emerged as a key figure in the market.

The UAE business setup landscape

Historically, the UAE has been a strategic centre for traders. Its position, bridging the East with the West, offers unparalleled opportunities. The past decade has seen an aggressive push by the government towards diversification, transcending its oil heritage and branching into sectors such as tourism, finance, and business services.

Dubai has emerged as the epicentre of this transformation, drawing entrepreneurs worldwide.

Enter Basma Ashry

In this evolving backdrop, Ashry’s rise is more than just impressive. From her initial role as a client renewals manager in May 2020, she delved deep into the intricacies of the UAE’s license frameworks.

By July 2021, she had already risen to the position of head of revenue and subsequently general manager by February 2022. With her strong record, Ashry was appointed Business Incorporation Zone’s (BIZ) chief executive officer in March when she was just 30 years old.

Her resilience and dynamic approach brought a fresh, innovative perspective, setting her apart in a traditionally conservative sector. This not only positioned her as a trailblazer but also cemented her position as the youngest female CEO in her sector.

Making things happen 

With Ashry at the helm, cumbersome procedures that previously spanned 21 days were reshaped into an efficient three-day process. The streamlining of trade license issuance and UAE residency processes means the company was agile in the heart of Dubai’s bustling business setup scene.

Ashry’s leadership is all about efficiency, always valuing the wellbeing of her team and promoting a robust employee satisfaction ethos. In fact, she has played a pivotal role in assisting more than 2,500 entrepreneurs to launch their businesses in the UAE.

Awards and honours

Under Ashry’s leadership, BIZ has grown from strength to strength. The company’s journey to the top was marked with ‘The Most Admired Companies to Watch’ in 2021 by The Business Fame.

The firm was also recognised as a ‘High Performer’ by the Sharjah Publishing City Freezone, cementing its position in the industry. By 2023, the industry-wide recognition continued with BIZ earning the coveted ‘Superbrand Status’

For her part, Ashry’s foresight leadership earned her the title ‘Emerging Female Leader’ by Gulf Business in 2022 and was also honoured as the ‘Inspirational Leader’ by Fortune Crown. These accolades are a testament to the company’s relentless pursuit of setting unparalleled business setup standards.

Shaping the workplace

With Ashry at the helm, the company moved to a sprawling new office located in the Onyx Tower in Dubai’s Emaar Business Park. More than a change of address, this move signified a renewed spirit, aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation.

Within just six months of her being in office, Ashry orchestrated a 69 per cent increase in team strength.

The overarching theme of her leadership is inclusivity, especially promoting women in leadership roles. Overall, women constitute 20 per cent of the UAE workforce and BIZ boasts a commendable 37 per cent.

What’s next?

Ashry’s journey, while exceptional, is just the beginning. With rebranding on the horizon, BIZ is set to fortify its industry presence. The company’s rebranding is not just a cosmetic change, but a renewed pledge to its clientele and a testament to the leadership’s progressive vision.

Similarly, its growth story intertwines with the ongoing evolution of the UAE’s business environment. It highlights the region’s adaptability and the critical role of corporate service providers.

In today’s transformative business era, leaders like Ashry are not merely participants; they are shaping the narrative, promising a future enriched with innovation, inclusivity, and endless possibilities.

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